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Typical Product

Apricot & lavender jam 160 GR

Apricot & lavender jam
The lavender flowers we use for this jam come from our own garden. Our apricot supplier is Mrs. Concetta, who has only about 20 beautiful apricot trees, which produce the first fruits in...

Artichoke spread 170 GR

Artichoke spread
 We call the Carciofata: la Sicilia in un barattolo – Sicily in a jar. The careful composition of only high quality raw materials results in this delicious Artichoke spread which...

Black olive spread spicy 170 GR

Black olive spread spicy
By using mild sicilian Chili the flavour of the olive spread remains untouched in the palate despite the spicy notes. Combining chili with wild oregan enhances the full aroma of all the...

Blood orange marmalade 160GR

Blood orange marmalade
This traditionally homemade hand cut sicilian Red Orange Marmalade is made from locally grown freshly picked non treated fruit using the entire orange, slowly reduced with only sugar added...

Caper flavoured sea salt 90GR

Caper flavoured sea salt
The freshly picked capers are not cured in salt but they are worked in a different way to preserve the original intense taste of the caper bud. They are then pulverised manually in a mortar...

Caper Pesto 170 GR

Caper Pesto
Typically sicilian pesto with a very mediterranean flavour due to the particular taste of the capers. Ideal to give a special touch to your recipes! Use: As Bruschetta or sandwich...

Capers in coarse sea salt 170 GR

Sicilian capers flavoured
The capers are picked by hand on the windy hills of Salina (Eolian Islands). In a complicated and labourious procedure they are cured in sea salt for about 20 days to extract bitterness and...

Chili spread 170 GR

Chili spread
We use local sicilian chili because it is less spicy than chili grown in southern Italy (Calabria). Use it for seasoning and to add a pinch of spice to any dish. Due to a special...

Dried tomato spread 170 GR

Dried tomato spread
The high percentage of dried tomato together with the pine nuts serves to enhance the wow taste of ripe, sweet and sundrenched Sicilian tomato. Raw materials of excellent quality are...

Egglant caponata spread 170 GR

Egglant caponata spread
A very sicilian speciality with strong arabic influence (one of many of the multicultural heritage of sicilian cooking). Raw materials of highest quality are important for the tipical and...

Eggplant caponata 170 GR

Eggplant caponata
A very sicilian speciality with strong arabic influence (one of many of the multicultural heritage of sicilian cooking). Raw materials of highest quality are important for the...

Mediterranean herbs flavoured sea salt 90GR

Mediterranean herbs flavoured sea salt
A combination of finely chopped sicilian herbs combined with a fine sea salt for an excellent aroma mixture. The ideal mix for everyday use in the kitchen that adds to your dishes a hint of...

Pistachio pesto 170 GR

Pistachio pesto
We love it ! Just open the jar and spoon it onto your freshly drained pasta. It also mixes well into lots of other savoury dishes and into the bargain pistachio nuts are really healthy for...

Sicilian capers flavoured 170 GR

Sicilian capers flavoured
Our capers grow in Salina , the greenest of the Aeolian Islands . According to the ancient tradition Salina capers were served at almost every meal and on every occasion. We were inspired...

Walnut pesto 170 Gr

Walnut pesto
 We reinterpreted and recomposed the traditional sicilian Pesto di Noci (Walnut pesto). Raisins soaked in sweet Wine (Malvasia) and freshly dried Basil leaves add a velvety yet fresh note...
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