transfer from Taormina to Tropea

Private car transfers, excursions and tours from Sicily to Calabria

transfer from Taormina to Tropea

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Private car transfers, excursions and tours from Sicily to Calabria

Transfer from Taormina to Tropea

Tropea is a beautiful seaside resort in Calabria, one of the southernmost regions of Italy.
The sea in Tropea is one of the bluest in Italy, and is particularly suitable for families.
Visiting southern Italy, Sicily or Calabria in particular, always means taking a dip in the Mediterranean sea.

A private car transfer, for example from Taormina, the capital of tourism in Sicily, which recently became the set of the TV series The White Lotus, written and directed by director Mike White and produced by HBO in the United States, and Tropea, in Calabria, is the best way to do seaside tourism in Italy, and move intelligently between the two regions.

The tourist agency New Travel Services offers excursions, tours and transfers also from Sicily to Calabria.
The transfer from Sicily to Calabria is not only a transfer, but also a pleasant route that in a few hours allows us to take a comfortable non-stop trip, admiring from the window of New Travel Services' luxury cars the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and its enchanting, typical southern Italian villages, so different from the usual European landscape.
Loading your luggage, and leaving Taormina with all its beauty, our driver will drive along a modern road that, skirting the sea, will take you in about an hour to Messina, the city of the Strait, a strip of sea just 3 km long that separates Sicily from the mainland.

Calabria and Tropea

On the other side, Calabria awaits us, and we will take a romantic ferry that will transfer us to Italian territory in just a few minutes, after boarding, as a nice welcome sign reminds us. We will land in Villa San Giovanni, and from here a comfortable road that skirts the blue sea among pretty hills full of lemon and prickly pear trees, will take us not long after to Tropea.

Many people ask: which is the most beautiful beach in Tropea? Certainly the Spiaggia della Rotonda, with its crystal-clear sea.
And again: What to do in Tropea? Definitely an aperitif at sunset by the sea!

But there will be time for these things, since you have decided to spend a few days' holiday in Calabria.
So, have a good swim, with New Travel Services.



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