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Taxi Transfer Service in Taormina

Taxi Taormina


Taxi Transfer Service in Taormina

Taormina is one of the best tourist hubs in Italy located in the island of Sicily. Since the 19th century, it has been a major point of attraction for people of both Italy and abroad. New Travel Services provide Taxi Taormina and nearby areas to help tourist navigate the coastal city better. The road transportation in entire Sicily is among the best in Italy. In the last four decades, roads have been developed and expanded touching all the major and minor places of the island. Known as autostrada in Italy, these motorways are excellent for buses, cabs, and bikes to run on. We operate a fleet of cabs and our Taormina Taxi service is for both luxury and budget travellers.

Taxi Taormina Transfer Service

Our Taxis are equipped with

  • The most modern comforts to guarantee safe and enjoying transfer
  • Air conditioning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • English speaking driver

There are many things to see in Taormina and much of the sightseeing destinations are spread out in the entire city. To get from one place to another, you'd need a Taxi In Taormina. You have the luxury of taking a day tour to the following places all within the city. You can cover all in one day by taking a Taormina Taxi ride.

  • Chiesa Madonna della Rocca, it is a staircase with more than 300 steps and will take you to the heights of Taormina.
  • Greek Theatre of Taormina, a Greek theatre dating back to 3rd Century BC and in well preserved state.
  • Villa Comunale, a large public garden with serenity all around.
  • St Nicolas Cathedral of Taormina, an exemplary Sicilian church with excellent medieval facade and baroque doors.
  • Piazza IX Aprile, among the best viewpoints in Taormina.
  • Isola Bella, a small island located at the foot of Taormina considered a jewel of this region.

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From Taormina You Can Visit The Following Places In Taxi:

Castelmola (Duration From Taormina By Cab: 15 Minutes)

Just 5 km from Taormina, it is known for its ruined castles from the medieval era and worth a visit. Its close proximity means you can ride a bicycle or even walk. A combined Taormina and Castelmola tour is regarded best than a standalone tour.

Alcantara Gorge (Taormina Taxi Ride Duration: 30 Minutes)

From Taormina, the famous Alcantara Gorge known for its volcanic wall formation ideal for hiking our walking tour, is just 25 km. The gorge is 25 meters high while just 3 meters wide. A Taormina taxi ride will take 30 minutes or less, while bus rides will take longer.

Mount Etna (Taxi Ride From Taormina Duration: 1 Hour)

One of the interesting destinations you should visit when you're in Taormina is Mount Etna. It is a stratovolcano on the eastern coast of Sicily. It is roughly 56 km from the city of Taormina, and a Taormina Taxi ride will take approximately one hour to get you there. The picturesque view from the top of the mountain which extends miles is stunning.

If you're a fan of The Godfather movie series, then you'll definitely love the Godfather Tour and Taormina covering all of city. Contact us for booking our Taxi Taormina service.


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