A You can pay the desposit to New Travel Services in any currency through Paypal, credit card or debit card on Paypal. For the remaining balance you can pay by credit/debit card.

 You can call the office at 0942 985445 or mobile at +39 3388855528 and we immediately get you in touch with your driver.

 The driver will wait with a signboard newtravelservices with your name at the exit of the arrival hall. At the train station out of the entrance  and  at the port on the wharf of disembarkation of the passengers.

Newtravelservices is active 24 hours, 7 days a week. It is possible to contact Christian at + 39 3388855528

 Our reservation service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

 Reservations can be changed or cancelled up to 48 hours before the performance of the service. For further information on cancellation   contact newtravelservices

 In the confirmation e -mail it is indicated the supplier 's telephone number. Furthermore, most of our suppliers always check the timetable of flights arrivals, there should not be any problem then. However, they will wait even though the expected arrival time is past.

 There is a Lost and Found office at the airport, where you can claim for lost luggage. They will organize and forward your luggage to the address of your stay. Please contact our office +393388855528 so the driver is informed for the delay.

 Tip is not included in the quote.
Gratuities are not mandatory in Italy , however we do feel that if the clients have been happy with their service, the driver should receive a tip as a token of appreciation.
Standard gratuities in Europe run between 10 – 25% depending on the service received.

 We reply to your email within 12 -24 HOURS
In case you do not get a reply within this time, please give us a call 0039 3388855528 to double check.

 Yes. Many of our pick-up points are from hotels. However, there are some which are not readily accessible by  Car and Van . In these cases we would send an alternative pick up point .

• To have your country cell phone operate in Italy, contact your local cell phone company.
• Phoning from a hotel room can be costly as you will usually be charged for local calls as well as for long distance, even though you use a credit card or call “collect”. • To avoid extra charges, we suggest using a pay phone, phone card or mobile cellular phone. You can also purchase a LOCAL pay phone card while in Italy.
• To place a call within Italy, dial the complete area and city code and then the phone number.
• To call internationally from Italy, dial 00, and then the country code, followed by the area/city code & then the number.
• The area code for Italy is 39.

 Our half day excursions are approximately four hours long, while our full day excursions are around eight hours long. Our evening excursions will entertain you for approximately five hours.

 We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard ,American Express ,Pay Pal 

 Easy and safe booking system.
No waiting time and maximum flexibility in the selection of the services.
Very competitive prices.
Possibility to have holiday quotations in advance.
Excursions organized by tourist sector qualified operators only.
Services offered in compliance with the quality and safety European standards.
Completely personalized tours.
No problem in case of delay.

 Pack essentially for ALL TOURS.
Women should avoid bare arms and shoulders in Churches (scarf or stole recommended). Dress for hot conditions although light rainwear and warm jacket for night when tempertures can drop (especially in November-April). Anyone intending to visit Etna or Mountain side should bring warm clothing as snow in a common occurance

  In Italy you pay a 10% VAT tax (Value added Tax) on our services already included in my prices.

 A: Driver Guides (DG) are fully qualified tour guides and are licensed to drive limousine service vehicles as well. While ESDs are fairly common in most ports of call, DGs are extremely rare. The difference between an ESD and a DG is the depth of intellect and knowledge. DGs are professionally trained to ensure that you get out of your excursion whatever you are looking for in the way of local color, culture, fun, historical sights and museums, landscapes and views, restaurants, etc. The amount of information provided by a DG will be more thorough and personalized to your particular interests than that offered by an ESD. However, in many European cities, a DG may not be allowed to guide tours through major churches and museum where such explanations are restricted to City Guides (see below).

A: English Speaking Drivers (ESD) are all very experienced and used to hosting foreign tourists. They are all extremely familiar with the sights you will undoubtedly want to visit. If you have made a list of "must-sees" for any city you'll want to visit, ESDs will gladly take you wherever you may want to go. If by chance, however, you did not have the time or inclination to "do your homework" before traveling, the driver will design an itinerary that will include all the highlights. ESDs will offer information about the sights you will see. 

A: City Guides are those who are specialized and licensed to guide in one specific city or limited area. Local culture, history and traditions are so different from area to area—even from city to city—that no single guide can possibly become highly knowledgeable about a whole country or region. Therefore many local governments, especially in Europe, have chosen to assure the integrity of the local culture by licensing only those guides who have had a formal education and have proved to be knowledgeable and qualified to represent their area or city. Tours conducted by City Guides are often intense and detailed.

A Your deposit can be held for up to 12 months and you can re-book again with New Travel Services without losing your deposit.

A Go to the page on our website specifically for your accommodation to find out.

A The remaing balance due needs to be paid direct to the accommodation when you arrive.

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