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Sicilian Food - Top 10 Foods You Must Try When You Are Visiting Sicily

Monday, June 24th, 2019 - 16:49

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Food always played a vital role in any travel and food is the only way through which traveller is able to remember a specific place the world. Now, when it comes to Sicilian foods, they will love their seafood, wine, granites, and cheese. With our Sicily Tours, you can able to cover the fabulous towns of Sicily where you will get the chance to encounter mouth watering food items. Now here are some things that make the food of Sicily so special: -


  • The Sicilian cuisine is the combination of Arab, Spanish and French influences
  • The food of this island has its own class and specialty

Let's go through the piles of ten tantalizing delights that you must take after the fascinating island: -

1. Granita With Brioche

It is a drink comprised with thin ice flakes churned with fresh fruits, nuts and coffee that is then sweetened with sugar, lemon and almond that are among the most popular flavors of refreshing summer treat and you will find it in our provinces like Catania & Syracuse. This refreshing drink is mostly taken during the morning period.

2. Panelle

While on your Sicily Excursion To Palermo, you can try out our popular street food made up of chickpea flour mixed with water, chopped parsley, salt, and pepper. This thin, flat & fried fritter is served to every customer as an appetizer inside sesame bun at Palermo’s markets and squares.

3. Caponata

It is also known as Eggplant salad and a popular cold fish made with fried eggplant, celery, capers & seasoned with vinegar as well as sugar. There are also other endless variations of ingredients which are included in the dish such as raisins, potatoes, and pine nuts. It will be good for lots of veg-lovers to take Caponata as a side dish during dinner while enjoying the Sicily Shore Excursion.

4. Sfincione

You might have eaten numerous variants of Pizza but this pizza is of a different level where its spongy slices are topped with tomatoes, sautéed onions, a dusting of grated caciocavallo cheese and anchovies. The crust is more like bread & will smoothly go down your throat. It’s going to your perfect afternoon snack.

5. Maccu Di Fave

Those who might don’t know, this creamy soup dates back to ancient times & is served both at restaurants & at home. In the spring season, maccu is made with wild fennel, olive oil, salt, and pepper as well as with broad beans. Moreover, it is also made in its pure form by preparing it with pasta.

6. Couscous Alla Trapanese

There is one more benefit of going for the Sicily Tours and it is none other than having your hands on Couscous Alla Trapanese. You will find both the flavor & sweetness coming together in this dish. Additionally, it also represents one of the fundamental pillars of fish based Sicilian cuisine. Absolutely rich and tasty, this dish will win you over from the first bite.

7. Sparacelli

It is a typical side dish of Sicilian cuisine, which is a kind of pasta with Sparacelli. Traditionally, it belongs to the kitchen as well as the pasta with tenerumi. It is a dish certainly prepared with healthy ingredients.

8. Sardines

Fresh sardines are vital to numerous Sicilian dishes that have numerous humble origins. The fish will be available at the freshest best during the spring season making it completely perfect to prepare them with the wide fennel that starts popping up left and right in the local gardens.

9. Cassata

Now, it is time for some Sicilian desserts and Cassata is the one that will win over you. It is the most elegant Sicilian dessert. It is an ornately ice-covered sponge cake filled with sweet ricotta & chocolate bits covered with marzipan and topped with candied fruit.

The Sicilian cheeses range from fresh tuma to aged caciocavallo. During your Sicily Excursion, you will encounter three types of cheese such as provola, piacentinu, and Ragusano. Each one of these cheese ranges will make to you plan another excursion of Sicily.

Throughout the Sicily Tours, each and every dish will make you feel like having a royal treat and it will sound like having a privilege by visiting this unique island. Just visit us @ to know more.


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  1. Posted by Philip Galfano|03 Gen 2021 - 02:39,39

    I was born in Sicily and grew up until I was 17,! My mom prepared most of all dishes listed and I swear there is nothing better than the Sicilian cuisine! We kept it simple but with love and passion! 🍆🥦🥖🧄🫒 Buon appetito

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