transfer from Tropea to Taormina

Private car transfers, excursions and tours from Calabria to Sicily

transfer from Tropea to Taormina

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Private car transfers, excursions and tours from Calabria to Sicily

Transfer from Tropea to Taormina

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Travelling in Italy, and travelling in Sicily, means taking a holiday of sea, sun and light, where even in winter the plants are full of flowers.

The Mediterranean Sea has beautiful colours, and even just looking at its pictures makes us forget the cold winters of Northern Europe or America.
Taormina is the capital of tourism in Sicily, and together with Calabria is one of the richest regions for tourism in Italy.

Those who travel to Calabria often also visit Sicily.
Many foreign tourists choose Tropea, the beautiful town in Calabria that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea. Like Taormina, the pearl of Sicily, Tropea is a picture postcard town, where Italians live like they are inside a film, strolling in the sun even in winter. The beaches are well equipped with services, the sea is one of the cleanest in Italy, and it is particularly family-friendly. That is why we say that visiting southern Italy, Sicily or Calabria in particular, always means taking a dip in the most beautiful sea in the world.

Those who want to visit Italy and first discover Calabria and then Sicily, starting from Taormina, now have a new convenient service, a private chauffeur-driven car transfer from Calabria to Sicily with the tourist agency New Travel Services.

From Tropea (Calabria) to Taormina

A private car transfer, e.g. from Tropea in Calabria to Taormina, the capital of tourism in Sicily, is the best way to do seaside tourism in Italy, and to move conveniently and intelligently between the two regions.

An ancient and beautiful city of art, Taormina recently became the set of the TV series The White Lotus, written and directed by director Mike White and produced by HBO in the United States.
The transfer from Calabria to Sicily is not only a transfer, but also a pleasant journey, an excursion that in just a few hours allows us to make a comfortable non-stop trip, admiring from the window of New Travel Services' luxury cars the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea and its enchanting, typical southern Italian villages, so different from the usual European landscape.

Having loaded your luggage, and leaving Tropea in all its beauty, our driver will drive along a modern road that skirts the sea and takes you on a panoramic journey, overlooking a strip of sea just 3 km long that separates Sicily from the mainland, the Strait of Messina.

The car will pass by Reggio Calabria, and via the Villa San Giovanni ferry embarkations, in half an hour's sea journey, you will arrive directly in Messina, the city on the Strait.
The transfer from Calabria to Sicily, in fact, in the absence of a bridge that the Italian government has been planning to build for many years, must be made on board a romantic ferry that transfers us to Sicily in a few minutes after boarding.
Passing through Messina, the third most important city in Sicily, a road opens up like a balcony over the Strait, allowing us to admire Calabria, where we were just before.
We thus head towards Taormina, some 40 km from Messina.
Taormina is an enchanting place: its beaches are among the most chic in Italy, the services are of a quality suitable for international quality tourism, and from its flower-filled terraces the view opens up to the sea and also to the often erupting volcano Etna.

But for these things there will be time, since you have decided to spend a few days of your holiday in Sicily.
So, have a good trip, with New Travel Services.


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