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Give Wings To Your Imaginations By Going For Sicily Excursions In 2019/20

Thursday, August 29th, 2019 - 12:40

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Have you ever visited Sicily during your dream travel excursions? If not then this is your chance. Some people ask the question why, so here are some fascinating points that will give you an idea of ​​why, so here they are

• Make no mistake is the largest island in the Mediterranean.
• Sicily acts an incredible blend of cultures and cuisines.
• It has acted as a gateway for world faring travelers for centuries.

I know now as you know about Sicily. It's time for you to know about Sicily Excursions. So here is a list of beautiful towns that you are going to know about: -


Just for you. Transfers provided New Travel Services that will take you to places in Europe that are also known as Taormina. It is an 18th-century town which is now popular for its beauty & culture. Taormina such as ancient theater, Porta Messina, Cathedral of San Nicola, Isola Bella, Church of San Pancrazio, Odeon and many others. The best way to travel around the mind-numbing city is through Taxi Taormina .



Pelagie Islands

Our Sicily Transfer will take place in the Pelagie Islands. These islands are technically Sicilian. People who have an immense love for water sports and beach can visit these islands. The pleasant island life and clear blue water is what Lampedusa and Linosa of Pelagie Islands are all about. From the finest beaches of the island, you can also enjoy the sea around the island.



By Following us Sicily Travel Guide to the Sicilian village of Cefalu Which is certainly going to be It is peacefully located in the northernmost coast of Sicily. This village is popular for its historical temples and monuments which were built on this location since the ninth century. Hence, the attractions that you will see here are Promontory of Hercules which is a colossal rock of 270 meters. On top of that, you can visit the ancient temple of Diana, known as the Roman goddess of the hunt. I know all these scenic attractions in this village turn into an attractive place to explore.


Mount Etna

Now it is the turn of Mount Etna during your Sicily Excursions , which is regarded as the most active volcano in the whole of Europe. The locals call it by the name Mongibello. If you look at volcanic eruption of desire then nothing will be better than this and the view of the eruption will be just spectacular. Still, the height of this mountain is around 3,300 meters long which is a huge amount of lava from its mouth. But interestingly, this lava is not dangerous for the visitors. Apart from that, when the volcano is not raging, you can go for a day-long hiking tour.




Syracuse is one of the most popular places in Sicily. It is located in the south of Sicily. The city has successfully maintained numerous traces of the one by one. The Historical Tour Of Sicily is quite sure that you are going to include it. As a crucial tourist destination, you have the opportunity to visit places such as Neapolis Archaeological Park of Syracuse, Greek theater, the Latomie stone quarries and the ear of Dionysus and many more.




The city of Palermo has been associated with the crossroads civilizations for a very long time. The Sicilian city delivers a heady and heavily blended mix of Byzantine mosaics, Arab domes & structures, intriguing cupolas. People from other parts of Europe will be very pleased to know that this city is at the edge of Europe. This peaceful but energetic city rewards its visitors with several gifted attractions such as Palatine Chapel, Palace of the Normans, Palermo's cathedral, Regional Gallery of Sicily & Teatro Massimo.


Egadi Islands

These Sicilian islands are known as the Aeadian Islands that lies in the western coast of Sicily. This is a combination of three different islands and two islets. It is a perfect location where you can dive and view different archaeological findings that are submerged underwater. You can find some of the aquatic world's rare life forms. Additionally, Egadi Islands also witnessed the historical highpoints that affected the Sicily Island as well as other parts of the world.




Now while using our Taxi Catania , you are in the city of Catania which is the second largest city of Sicily. The Bellini Theater, The Fish Store and the Church of St. Julian. Seriously, this town is UNESCO marked wonder where you can watch black & white tower over the far-reaching


Messina Messina

Even during ancient times, it was called Messina. It was known at the time for possessing a large number of scientific resources and high-class architecture. Cathedral and Piazza del Duomo, The bell tower and the astronomical clock & the Santissima Annunziata of the Catalans.


Sicily is one of those destinations where you enjoy peace, fun, and celebration daily. You are on your honeymoon tours. Your Excursions for your Sicily Excursions is going to be the most memorable destination. And no worries, New Travel Services will provide you with the help you need on the island of Sicily. For more details, visit us @
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