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Etna Tours and Excursions, Etna South

Etna Excursion, Sicily

New Travel Services offers you one of the most exciting Etna excursion in Sicily: Mount Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, and its spectacular eruptions. The tour Etna excursion, lasting 4 hours, passes through the small villages around Etna until reaching the altitude of 2,000 metres, where the view of mountain, sea and sky seen together is truly breathtaking.

With "New Travel Services Etna excursion" we will visit the most characteristic villages of Etna, such as Santa Venerina and Zafferana, where the houses are still made from lava rock, and where you can buy many local products, like wine, honey and delicious cakes.

Along the way we will visit some old lava flows, and as we go higher we can observe the changing aspects of the natural vegetation. On reaching the altitude of 2,000 metres we will visit the Silvestri craters, two old craters created during the eruption of 1892, near to the service area of Il Rifugio Sapienza.

Here we can taste traditional sausages cooked on the barbecue, or try the Fire of Etna, a very strong flame-coloured liqueur.

We will also visit the most recent lava flows and craters formed in the eruptions of 2001, 2002, and 2003 which destroyed many restaurants, the ruins of which you can see emerging from the black lava slopes.

Finally, at an extra cost, it is possible to climb to 3,000 metres, to the top of the volcano, firstly, taking the cable car to 2,600 metres then with a 4 x 4 which will take you to the mouth of the largest volcano in Europe.

Etna Tour

Etna tour: a unique experience not to be missed.

We would advise you to bring warm clothes and good walking shoes for the trip.

We make sure your Etna excursion is totally safe
When it comes to Etna excursion, one thing that every visitor is worried about is safety. We understand your concern. After all, it is an active volcano that you are going to visit. Of course, you want to visit this volcano because it is what Etna excursion is all about. Isn’t it? 

Now the question is –how safe it is? Can we take our children on an Etna excursion to visit an active volcano like Mount Etna? We would like to tell you that there is no need to worry at all as it is one of the safest volcanoes that you will ever come across. But, what makes it so is our experienced and competent guides who know pretty well how to navigate you in such a way that your Etna excursion becomes a cakewalk.

Safe Etna Tours - Etna Excursion

Etna tours are safe, especially when you are with the right people like us who make it even safer. That is why it is always better to rely on the knowledge and experience of your guides. We will make sure that you are fully prepared for the tour without any risks involved.

During Etna tours, our guides make sure to give you the right instructions like:
Never venture off the track and always follow the indicated paths suggested by the tour guides.
Wear suitable clothing like tear-resistant long trousers and boots. Avoid wearing stuff like sandals or shorts
To avoid landslides, ditches and other glitches, evaluate the Etna tours route well before advancing. You don’t want to slip into an underground cave or a volcanic canyon. Do you?

There are many places to admire the eruption from, but we will tell you the best and safest places to do that.

We are ready for the fun and thrill of Etna tours, are you?


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