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Philip Guardione

Philip GuardioneHello, my name is Philip Guardione and I was born in Catania (Sicily-Italy).

After I graduated from the "Professional State High School" in my city, I already had it clear in my mind that I harbored a secret passion for cooking!  That's why I decided to go to Milan and work as "sous-chef de cuisine" for one of the most famous international Chefs, Mr Sergio Mei in the Four Seasons Hotel.

I was lucky to gain the esteem of Mr Mei and his colleagues quite quickly. They appreciated in particular my passion for cooking and my good qualities of organizing in general. Ever since then I have been cooking with the same passion and enthusiasm for years in many famous restaurants and hotels, such as "Il Carpaccio" and "Taillevont" in Paris.

I have learned a lot of "secrets", and I am still improving my culinary knowledge every day. You know: you can gain really marvellous insights into a country's culture through its food!

Food is the “soul” of a country and both Italian and Sicilian cuisine are among the best in the world!  I love sharing my personal recipes with people. For me it is quite an exciting experience to know that somehow you can take home with you a little bit of Italy, so please feel free to do it anytime!

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