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Five Best Places You Can Visit By Taxi Taormina To Spend Leisure Time

Wednesday, November 21th, 2018 - 08:04

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Taormina is one of the best tourist destinations in Italy located on the island of Sicily. It has been a vantage point for tourists from Italy and abroad. This resort has a number of archaeological sites, beaches, several archipelagos and islets. So if you are in Sicily then hire our Taxi Taormina services to explore this stunning town. Below are five places in Taormina, where you can spend your time.





Stroll Along Corso Umberto


Corso Umberto I is the main street of Taormina which joins the two entrances, Porta Messina and Porta Catania of the city.



Surrounded by Porta Messina to the north and from Porta Catania to the south, the Corso has facilities and buildings from different eras. You can spot Arabic style to the Baroque style and from the Gothic era to the Norman era.

However, the Greek-Roman monuments have been restored by new constructions, Church of San Pancrazio has replaced the temple of Jupiter Serapis and The Church of St. Catherine was built on the remains of the Odeon was built.

The presence of palaces and churches along the vibrant pedestrian street animated by shops and cafes provides a lively stroll for tourists.

 Visit Villa Comunale - Public Garden


If you want to spend some solitude time from the crowds, then visit Villa Comunale, which houses the present city park of Taormina. Go on a relaxing stroll through the many plants and flowers of the park. This villa belonged to a noble Englishwoman, who was passionate about birds and had to build many structures such as feeders and nesting boxes and pavilion for her animals.

The view of the bay is brilliant from the park and it is the ideal place to enjoy a picnic in the shade of the vegetation. So, if you are in Taormina and want to spend some lonesome time then visit Villa Comunale by Taxi Taormina.

 Trip To The Etna Volcano

You can go on a one day Sicily excursion trip to Etna volcano from Taormina. New Travel Services provides three package tours to explore Etna. An hour’s drive from Taormina, Etna volcano is one of the world’s most active volcanoes. Even today, Etna is almost always burning, if not erupting.


Visit the barren, lunar-like upper slopes of Etna, where pumice clutters the lava fields, and shifting sands and powdered ash glide across macabre hills. So if you want to visit Europe’s strangest landscapes with some of the most remarkable views then visit Etna volcano with New Travel Services.

 Admire Sights From Piazza IX Aprile


Piazza IX Aprile is the charming centre of delightful Sicilian town, Taormina. Piazza IX Aprile is known for its black and white paving.

Located along the Corso Umberto, the beautiful and lively square is a popular meeting point in the evening in Taormina. Aprile has one of the best viewpoints in Taormina, offers a breathtaking view of the bay of Ionian Sea and of the Mount Etna.

Piazza IX Aprile is the perfect place to take striking photos, especially at sunset.

With several cafes, brimming musicians, acrobats and painters is the best place to relax.

Greek Theatre Of Taormina

The Greek Theatre is the most famous monument of Taormina. The monument dates back to 3rd century BC and is astonishingly well preserved. More than 5,000 people can enjoy theatrical performances and concerts. The horseshoe-shaped amphitheatre is the Taormina’s leading tourist.

It is the second largest amphitheatre in Sicily, with a breathtaking backdrop of the Ionian coast and a smoking Mount Etna.

The theatre now showcases different events ranging from fashion shows, concerts to the prestigious Taormina Film Festival.

Besides the above five, there are many places to visit in Taormina. Taxis In Taormina are considered the best transport option to cover all of them. New Travel Services offers cars ranging from minivans to luxury cars. Visit us at New Travel Services today.






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