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Startling Reasons To Visit On Sicily Tours

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 - 06:36

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 Do you want to spend at relaxing vacation in Europe? Do you want to explore the serene and pristine beaches at one of Europe's best beach destination? If yes, then Sicily is the place for you. The largest island in the Mediterranean is not only known for its pristine landscapes but it also has a unique character of its own. Sicily is an incredible melting pot of landscapes, cultures and cuisine. So Sicily Tours should be there on your checklist, then listed below are some of the startling reasons to visit this island paradise:






Explore Ancient Monuments

Sicily has seen many civilizations and has been ruled by many regimes. You can witness the Greeks at the Valley of the Temples near Agrigento and Taormina as you walk through the ruins of the temples and the amphitheater which have stood the test of time and various natural calamities. You can also take trips to the Valley of the Temples from Catania or Palermo during your Sicily Tours .

Enjoy The Stunning Coastline

Sicily has a different part of its natural beauty. The Turks' Ladder near the rocky shoreline near Taormina and the pristine beaches of the south coast. Irrespective of your costal preference you can find it in Sicily.

Meander Through Fishing Villages

If you love meandering along the sea, then Sicily is the place for you. You can visit one of these fishing villages on the south-east coast of Sicily namely, Marzememi, where you can witness their catch on the harbor.

Dine The Freshest Seafood

Seafood does not get fresher or tastier than this island city. Sicily is known for its incredible variety and quality of seafood. So, do not forget to have one of the freshest seafood, which seems to be from the boat. So, a feast of seafood is a must during your Sicily Excursions .

Walk Around Intricate Baroque Towns


Val di Noto is the world's largest UNESCO world heritage listed area, which is located in Italy. The Noto, Modica, and Ragusa were all destroyed by a disaster in 1693.
After this trauma, these cities were built in ornate Baroque style. These are the perfect destinations for roaming and stooping in and out of churches and small streets.

Discover Ancient Customs

If you visit Sicily during the Easter period, you will find the Good Friday processions across the island.

You can witness a group of men holding huge and extremely heavy wooden planks on which the Easter story is depicted, which they carry on their streets through the streets of the city.

Binge On The Delicious Sweet Delicacies

Sicily is well known for its food. It is believed to be that of the island's sweet delights.

The cannoli and granita are the two of the most famous sweet delicacies of Sicily. You can have a variety of granita in Sicily as they have their own specialty.

Enjoy Multi-Colored Sicilian Ceramics

You can notice the colorful Majolica or Majolica Italian tin-glazed pottery throughout Sicily. You can find these colorful ceramics on church floors, as shop signs and as colorful heads.

You can also shop for these creative and exotic pieces made by artisans in shops across the island.

Paddle Through Aromatic Lemon Groves

You can smell the lemon in Sicily's air. Lemon groves are found all over the countryside.

You can enjoy riding through the beautiful groves.

Gape At Mount Etna -An Active Volcano

Etna dominates the landscape of Sicily. You can have the presence of Etna even when you can not see the volcano.

Give a sense of drama One of the most stunning views of the volcano is through the structure of the Greek amphitheater in Taormina.
So if the following reason inspires you to plan Sicily Tours , then visit us at newtravelservices.net for more details on Sicily Tour Packages. We are not only offering tour packages but we are one of the premium car transfer services of Sicily. I know, feel free to contact us for any queries.

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