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The Bridge across the Straits of Messina

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The Bridge across the Straits of Messina

There is something which makes Sicily unique – its isolation from the mainland.
Three kilometres of sea separate the island from Calabria on the Italian mainland, at the two nearest points of Scilla and Cariddi.
Today the crossings are made by ferry, but the idea of a permanent bridge, like the Brooklyn bridge, has always been a dream for the Sicilians.
For 50 years the national and regional governments have discussed the project, with some in favour and some not. A dispute between those who would like a modern network link uniting Sicily to the rest of Italy with just a few minutes drive, and those who see the bridge as the loss of being an Island, therefore affecting the traditions and identity of Sicily.
Up until now the project, which was presented by the private sector, has been blocked by the national government, which always has other priorities: for now the Sicilians continue to dream and, in the meantime, like Ulysses in Homer’s time, they rely on ferries to take them to work from one part of Italy to another.

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