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The Sicilian Language

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Sicilian is not a dialect, but a real language, which in past centuries had an identity which united a population isolated by the geographical limits of the island.
Many dialects exist within the Sicilian language, many more than the nine regions into which the island is divided.
Sicilian, which is not a language recognized by the Italian State, is not taught in the schools of the island. However, recently, the Sicilian Parliament, thanks to its special status, was able to approve a law which allows and advises the study of Sicilian culture in the island’s schools.
The Sicilian language has been influenced a lot by the various conquerors who have passed through the island.
In some inner areas, like Nicosia, Sperlina and Piazza Armerina, in the Enna region, they still speak a dialect very similar to English - “il galloitalico”.
Words with Arab, Spanish and French origins are scattered here and there in the Sicilian language, and are still often used by the residents of the island, who – especially the older people – speak the Sicilian language every day.

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