Weddings in Sicily

Organize with us your wedding in Sicily

Weddings in Sicily

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Organize with us your wedding in Sicily


For the location of the greatest day of your life, be sure to choose well. The wedding planner will provide suggestions for the accommodations most appropriate for your wedding and will guarantee that the day will make your dreams come true!

Flowers and Decorations

Flowers contribute significantly to the atmosphere of your ceremony and your reception. The flowers you pick should be those that best reflect your personalities.


Music is the key to providing a perfect atmosphere at your wedding. >From the moment your guests arrive, the musicians begin to play: jazz, modern or classical.

Hairstyling and Makeup

For your wedding, you will of course want to be very beautiful. NewTravelServices suggests professional hairdressers and beauticians to take care of both you and your family. You have the option of being beautified in a hotel or at a beauty salon.

Wedding Favours

This is the perfect moment in which to thank your guests with chocolate, almond or fruit candies...accompanied by a small gift.

Luxury Transport

For your wedding, NewTravelServices suggests renting a luxury vehicle which will take you from the hotel to the church, and will then wait to take you to the reception. We also offer options for travelling to and from airports.

The Rehearsal Dinner

Your dinner will be served in an elegant environment, with an atmosphere that will suit your beautiful day, and scrumptious plates paired with our finest wines and champagnes. We offer assistance with menu design, suggesting the best plates to make your dreams come true.

The Honeymoon

Newtravelservices is an expert  on tourism, suggests that you book a beautiful tour of Sicily with us.

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