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Important cities of Sicily

Important cities of Sicily: Acicastello

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An important seaside resort, Aci Castello boasts a rich production of citrus fruits, olives, grapes, almonds, and cereals. Cattle breeding is flourishing because of the numerous pasture areas.
The outstanding handicraft work includes wooden objects.

The name Aci Castello derives from the homonymous Castle situated on a nearby hill of lava rock, built by the Normans in 1076.

Acicastello The first suburb was founded around the castle and was bestowed to the Bishops of Catania by the Norman Count Ruggero.
Approximately in 1170, it was completely destroyed by a devastating earthquake, and was repopulated no sooner than 1530, as the nearby towns of Ficarazzi and Aci Trezza were annexed. In 1647, it belonged to the noble Massa family, who owned it until the abolition of the feudal regime.

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