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11 Thoughts On Things To Do In And Around Palermo On Sicily Excursions

Thursday, February 21th, 2019 - 14:54

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Visiting new & exotic places is an achievement at personal level for each & every individual. The capital city of Southern Italy is one of them also known as Palermo which is a regional metropolis of Sicily, Italy Hence, it is a place where souk-like markets rub against decorative churches. More than one cosmopolitan crowd which creates a new age of cultural heritage as well as newfound vitality.

Hence Sicily Excursions are really going to be a cool adventure of a lifetime.

 Now, listed below are those eleven best things that any tourist can do in Italy and are as follows: -

1. Hike Mount Pellegrino


It is a magnificent mountain that looms over the city.

Hence, all those who have come to the summit. Hence, all those who have come to the summit.

 2. Take A Palermo Food Tour



  • There is no other way to know the city and its delicious food & recipes. It is almost a guarantee that you will be on it.
  • By taking a street Palermo food tour, you will get a good overview of Palermo.


 3. Visit Mondello- A Beautiful Seaside Fishing Village



It is a beautiful seaside village that is located 30 minutes outside Palermo's city center is easily accessible by bus.

From the sandy white-shaped beach.

4. Find The Genius Of Palermo



While on the sizzling Historical Tour Of Sicily, travellers can also find the ‘Genius of Palermo’. Actually, it is the symbol of the city of Palermo that depicts an elderly wise man or monarch with a young body & a serpent around his arm trying to bite his chest.

Furthermore, the true meaning of the symbol is unknown, if you are one of them who are visiting sightsee this magnificent symbol can ask the locals who are staying around the place.

5. Feel The Taste Of The Best Hamburger In Palermo, Sicily



OK, now people who are on Sicily Excursions especially Palermo, Sicily is not complete without tasting the delicious hamburger, pasta & pizza.

Hence, there are plenty of those delicious food items here at affordable cost. Some people might just tag it as junk food but once in a while, it’s fun trying something new or different.

6. Roam Palermo’s Pedestrian Streets



 7. Enjoy The Architecture Throughout Palermo



After visiting this town for the very first time, you will swiftly able to acknowledge that while the city seems very large, it is mostly made up of small neighbourhoods where families have been raising their children side by side for centuries.

After roaming through the narrow streets of Palermo, visitors can watch people having sweet & delightful conversations from the windows across the street.

8. Wandering Through The Vibrant Outdoor Markets Of Palermo



Visitors, who want to explore the daily life of peaceful citizens of this place can wander through the vibrant outdoor markets of Palermo is a great way to spend few hours for catching a glimpse of everyday life.

Above all, you will also know that several shopkeepers are running their business for centuries.

9. Catch A Panoramic Rooftop Sight In Palermo



There is no end of attractions here, one being the Piazza San Dominico and it is one of the beautiful rooftop views in Palermo.

There are several other beautiful places in Palermo such as riding the escalator to the top floor of the La Rinacente mall & find the outdoor space inside the cafe and from there you can have a very good view of Palermo’s historic city centre.


10. Trip To The Catacombs Of The Capuchins 



Now take a taxi and tour the Catacombs of the Capuchins which are actually a creepy resting place of the Capuchin monks. It was established in 1599 when the cemetery of the Capuchin monks became overcrowded.

Instead of burying their deceased colleagues, the monks began to mummify their brethren & hang them on the wall, sounds very strange, isn’t it? The practice became ‘in vogue’ way to be entombed.

11. Take A Sightseeing Trip To Catania



Last, but not the least, take a Taxi Catania for a sightseeing trip to Catania which is on the other side of the island of Sicily. It is a seaside city established in the 8th century at the foot of Mount Etna.

As well as concurring invaders, volcanic eruptions as well as concurring invaders that make the best spot to watch an awesome ravaged place.

Your Sicily Excursions are going to give you goosebumps of your life. It is going to thrill you in the way that you have not experienced before. Please visit us @ newtravelservices.net to know about the packages related to Sicily and in the case you are interested, then you are more than welcome to join the bandwagon.

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