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Explore The Secrets Of Sicily For A Dreamy Gateway

Friday, January 19th, 2018 - 13:10

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Light reflecting off churches and palaces, views of rocky mountains and blue sea, smells of orange blossom, oregano and mint - Sicily is an inspiring place, particularly for those want to blend nature, culture and adventure on their excursion to a foreign land. Ask anyone who has just returned from his Sicily Tours (the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea). Sicily stands at the top in the field of gastronomy and activities of Mafia acts are reported once in a blue moon. Such activities are not new to the world. In the present era almost all the countries in the world are undergoing with such unpleasant situation more or less. Even if your home country is not safe and you have been residing there from the time of your ancestors. As the largest island of the Mediterranean, Sicily, the ancient and charming land rich with culture, architecture and great cuisine has remained as an ever-growing destination for the world visitors. Its unique cuisine, temperate climate and sandy beaches, a Vacation In Sicily is always memorable.

Your Sicily Excursions would connect you with beautiful beaches, endless coastlines, offshore islands, rugged landscapes and volcanos and the stunning architecture of this island influenced by various dominants would just leave you amazed. Sicily has the largest number of UNESCO sites than any other Italian region and ten of them are in Eastern Sicily, including Siracusa, Noto, Ragusa, Caltagirone, Modica, The Necropolis of Pantalica, The Villa Romana del Casale, Catania, Mount Etna and Scicli. All are well worth a visit with tours and excursions. Sicily is a year round destination. Every season is beautiful, even winter when you can ski on Mount Etna. Summer is lovely but it can get very hot in July and August. If you want to immerse with the beautiful scenery, magnificent beaches and plenty of sunshine then there is no better choice on the planet than Sicily.

4 Things To Know Before You Plan For The Sicily Tour:

Are you coming to Sicily for the first time? Well let’s get you in the right mood. Regardless of where you come from you’ll soon find out that this island is different from anything else you’ve seen so far. Its charm comes from thousands of years of history, and from that sense of contrast deeply bounded to the Sicilian spirit.

1. Take It Slow:

In the crowded city centres the life of the Sicilians seems to be very hasty but in other regions especially in rural regions and beach destinations everything goes slowly. You can feel it while walking across one of the dozens of little towns on the coast. Don’t get hasty. Take your time to do everything. Have a nice breakfast. Have one of those heartbreaking cappuccinos they make around here, maybe next to a sweet cannolo, and then start your day. Remember you are here for pleasure not for pressure.

2. Go Up Country:

Don’t loss your time at the cities like Catania or Taormina. The real beauty to Sicily lies in the southern Sicily. Just take a drive towards the Southern region that hosts some of the best regions of whole Sicily. You would be lost with the beauty and the tranquillity of this region and have the best Sicilian experience that would worth to every penny you are spending here.

3. Keep It Casual:

Sicilian gastronomy is world famous and the most famous chefs in the world are from Sicily. Sicilian dishes have been influenced by a number of invaders spicy and tasty. Some of the Sicilian Restaurants around the island are highly expensive. Don’t go there. Look for the old trattorias, the ones with red-checkered table cloths and rickety wooden tables that’s where you’ll find the true flavour of Sicilian cuisine. Be ordinary in choosing your food, you can have the best Sicilian flavour.

4. Be Friendly:

Sicilians feel proud of the visitors to their land and are the most hospitable people in the world. Unlike other countries in the world they are not going to talk to you for tips. They are very helpful and co-operative and sometimes can suggest you on your itinerary. It is because they want to show all those of their country for which they proud for.

4 Must See Places For A Dreamy Gateway:

Sicily has been bestowed with super fantastic natural beauty. It seems as the providence has poured all the beauties of nature here in this island. Just plan mindfully: not to miss any of the splendour of this majestic land. This blog reads you about the 4 must see places that you should not miss while you are on a Trip To Sicily.

1. The Greek Temples:

You don’t think that you would be to any place in Sicily without faltering over ancient Greek ruins. Everywhere huge rocks, columns, temples and amphitheatres would tell you the stories of that great period. From Greek temples to Roman theatres: Sicily displays some of the most important historical monuments which have become the centre of attraction for the world visitors. You can find here some of the best-preserved ancient Greek temples in the world - yes, even better than those in Greece itself.

2. Towns To Visit:

Sicily hosts a lot of towns to visit which hosts the best markets, and the well-preserved historical monuments. Roaming in such towns would give you a contrast feeling than any other town in metropolis. Don’t miss the following Important Towns In Sicily when you are on your Sicily Excursions.

3. Island Hopping:

Immerse with the crystal clear water in Panarea, Lipari, and Salina: a group on the Mediterranean in the Aeolian Islands of Sicily. No island in Sicily is as beautiful as this. You can have the spectacular bike and boat tour in Sicily in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Explore the extraordinary volcanic archipelago of the Unesco-protected Aeolian Islands, a little piece of paradise rising out of the cobalt-blue sea.

4. The South East:

Sicily’s southeast is the island’s top draw with some of Italy’s most glorious decorative towns. It is home to mile after mile of largely unspoilt sandy beaches and a series of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It houses Syracuse, which was once the most powerful metropolis in Magna Graecia: towns of the Noto Valley, comprising Noto, Ragusa, Modica, Scicli and Caltagirone, known for immense architectural importance while heading to west along the south coast you would get into Agrigento, known for its magnificent Valley of the Temples. This section of Sicily has many different activities and attractions for the visitors to enjoy. Surviving centuries of civil war, foreign invasion and natural disasters, the south east of Sicily allures visitors from all over the world to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Syracuse and Val di Noto. This part of the island is known both for its natural beauty, with lovely sandy beaches and nature reserves and also for its historical importance.

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